In the wilderness

there is Cognition

What is Cognition Brewing?

We thoughtfully handcraft all of our beers to have great flavor, aroma, appearance and drinkability. When you have a Cognition brew in front of you we hope to stimulate all of your senses. By definition, Cognition means: the mental action or process of acquiring knowledge and understanding through thought, experience, and the senses.

What's on tap?

Maplais Ómra

Forbidden Dynasty IPA

Tricephalic Head Tripel

Bleached Bones Wheat

SISUnator Dopplebock

Escape Pod Munich Helles

Neurosis Pils

Deep Scream Cream Ale

Smoked Porter

Gnome Wrecker Belgian Pale

Substitute for Love

Oblivion Milk Stout

Upcoming Events

Who We Are

Simply, we are a couple guys from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan who have a great passion for beer. One of us is an experienced and awarded homebrewer and the other, a Master Electrician. Both of us share similar interests in craft beer, music and a sense of pride for our town of Ishpeming. We feel there are plenty of others here, like us, that appreciate those things the people put their heart and soul into.