Brewery Location

We recently mentioned a change in location for Cognition Brewing Company. We had originally decided to put the Brewery at 112 South Main St. downtown Ishpeming which is a building that our partner Dan Perkins had owned. As of recently we have came across an opportunity to put the brewery in a location that we could not pass up. There are many factors that weighed on our decision to make this change. We thank Dan Perkins for approaching us as a partner to put the brewery in his building. Unfortunately with this change it no longer makes sense for Dan to be a partner in this project. We still look forward to working with him in developing the downtown Ishpeming area. We share the same interest in the betterment of our downtown. Mostly due to the influence he has as an optimistic go-getter with a beautiful vision of what downtown Ishpeming could be again.
As far as the new location of the brewery goes, we are currently reviewing the lease agreement for the historic Mather Inn. We plan to be leasing the old tap room along with some space for our Brewhouse and potential canning operation. Nothing is final yet but we believe we have the opportunity to put a beautiful Brewery in this space and be distributing craft beer in the Upper Peninsula by late Summer.


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