Ceiling Removal

After we put the floor in the brewhouse we got our test results back from our ceiling samples. The results were asbestos free. This was great news as asbestos abatement can be pretty costly.

As soon as we found out the good news Jay got started on poking around up in the ceiling and quickly found a way to get the old plaster down. We started on one end of the room and started cutting 2×3′ sections of plaster out. It was a dusty job but after a few days we got it all cut out and hauled away. (A few tons worth, easy) Today we have guys running new conduit for all the lights while we finish hauling away the remaining mess from the ceiling. We are hoping to get a guy in here to spray foam (closed cell foam) the ceiling for us. Then painters can come in and give us a nice washable surface. We also ordered our floor coating so we can get going on that soon. Things are starting to happen pretty fast now. It’s getting pretty exciting. This place is looking more and more like a brewery every day. It won’t be much longer before we have our walkin cooler built so we can get all of our brite/serving tanks installed as well as our fermenters and Brewhouse tanks. We’ll keep you posted.





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