Cognition Fruition

Two years after the seed was planted, the time has arrived. It has taken plenty of blood, sweat and tears, frequent allaying of fears and quite a few beers, but the Cognition Brewing Company’s brewing system is working near flawlessly and we have now brewed approximately 1,300 gallons of premium product.
Our Brew Crew is in complete control of the brew house, our operations manager has settled in and taken charge, the Tap Room is looking better than ever and our bar staff is anxious to begin pouring and serving. We can’t wait to start sharing the fruits of our labors!
It is my great (and very emotional) pleasure to finally announce that we will open the door of the Tap Room to the public at 2:00 EST on Saturday, the 14th of March!!!
There have been hiccups at every stage of this process and there will undoubtedly be a few more, but with your patience and understanding we hope to offer outstanding brews in a classic setting for years to come.
Though beer (eventually wine), food and music in a welcoming atmosphere will always be our focus, I personally have other goals. My maternal grandmother’s great uncle, Robert Nelson, is known as the Father of Ishpeming. He laid out our now historic downtown district in the 1870’s and built a magnificent hotel on the site of the Mather Inn parking lot.
Ishpeming remained a thriving community for a century, but has been in decline for the last few decades. If Cognition Brewing Company can help in any way to reverse the swinging of that pendulum again, we will truly have accomplished a great deal.
Our landlords at the Mather Inn have done and are doing an incredible job of restoring this amazing structure. They have been a huge help to us in constructing our first class brewing facility and in getting the Tap Room ready. What they have done and are doing is truly inspirational. We expect to be an asset for them and can’t wait until the main floor is also open!
Many other downtown business owners have also invested a great deal in improvements to their properties. From the Main St./Division St. areas to the Pioneer Square, there are many businesses well worth a visit. We have the Ski Hall of Fame, Suicide Hill and the Mining Museum at the Cliff’s Shaft (where my grandfather was superintendent) site near Lake Bancroft, which several of our residents are also working hard to restore to it’s former pristine state. Please plan to extend your visit to these other options!
We also have neighborhood groups working to get our town back into shape as a great place to own a house and raise a family. We have cyclists developing fantastic trail networks and organizing races. Our ski trails are second to none.
Ishpeming and Negaunee definitely need some dusting off, but in that dust are incredible tales which tell the story of two remarkable communities. We plan to make historical information available to our visitors and even expect to have walking and cycling tours to work off the calories you will be consuming. The Ishpeming and Negaunee Historical Societies are more than willing to share their vast resources, and we want to take full advantage.
It is my hope that the past and present residents of Ishpeming, Negaunee and the West End will feel that the Tap Room is their home away from home. I know our friends and neighbors will be open and welcoming to those who are visiting from near and far.
The Tap Room is known as the place where business got done in the past. It is ready again, with an atmosphere where new business and community ideas can take seed and grow.
Now let’s make some new history! Please join us! Share your tables and make new friends! Handshakes and hugs are mandatory! Generous tipping appreciated!
Thanks to you all for your patience and understanding!!
See you in two weeks, Jay Clancey

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