State and Federal Approval!

So here is some good news. Last week we got word that we had been approved for our Microbrewery license via the state of MI pending our federal approval. A few days later, wouldn’t you know it, we had our federal approval. We also officially have an operations manager that started Dec. 1st. Her name is Amanda Courchaine and we have a good feeling about her. I’m sure she will do a great job helping to make this place go. We also have a bar manager (Carl Demeny) lined up who was formerly the bar manager at Titletown Brewing Company in Green Bay, WI. Talking with the folks down there on a recent visit to Titletown’s new production facility Grand Opening, everyone that has worked with him had great things to say. I’m pretty excited about the team of people we are putting together thus far and I’m getting pretty excited to start brewing. Other things to note: We have finally received our mash tun and heat exchanger which are a couple of the last bigger pieces to the puzzle. We continue to make progress on the Taproom and are still waiting to have our boiler plumbed so we can run steam to our boil kettle and hot liquor tank. Our fermenters are in place but still need to be plumbed with glycol so we can have temperature controlled fermentations. Today we fired up our reverse osmosis water treatment system for the first time with Rick from J-Goods Plumbing and heating and John Griesbach from Diamond H2O. John said that normally when he gets these systems running for the first time it doesn’t always go as smoothly as it did for us. We had no problems with it and we were making high purity water in no time at all. Nice job Rick for your hard work in getting this rig set up for us without any problems. Getting ready to order grain, hops and yeast so we can get going as soon as possible. So lots is happening but there is still a good chunk of work to be done. I should also mention that we have also been working with Alex Parent and Walter Aho from re:think and they have been busting their butts on putting together a new website for us that looks great. It should be very informative and we plan to be posting plenty of content for you all so keep an eye out for that. We will also keep providing you updates on Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, and you can add us on Snapchat too (cognitionbeer).


  1. Yay! so glad for you guys!

    Comment by Diana Raymond on December 4, 2014 at 4:18 pm
  2. Very Cool!

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    Comment by on December 5, 2014 at 6:26 pm
  3. Cant wait!

    Comment by Jason on January 14, 2015 at 11:18 pm

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