Status on Cognition Brewing Company

Hey there, just thought I’d let everyone know what’s happening with CBC. Currently we are looking at the space and trying to decide on how we want to lay out the brewhouse as far as what is the best way to situate equipment. We already have our brew kettle, mash tun and hot liquor tank fabricated for us and we are doing some research as far as what fermentation tanks and brite/serving tanks we plan to go with. We are looking to buy 6 serving tanks and we are planning to have 8-10 tap handles. This way we can have certain beers kegged up and still be able to serve them with the extra handles. We’d obviously like to get open as soon as possible but when trying to start a business like this there are always road bumps that hold things up. We hope we can get our lease finalized and an official word on the zoning very soon so we can start gaining some forward momentum. We will keep you posted on any new developments. We hope everyone is holding it together through this long and grueling winter. Keep on keepin’ on.



  1. Best of luck guys! Guys in my homebrew club are opening a brewery here in Toledo and it’s been a long haul. Keep it up! Can’t wait to saddle up to the bar for a few! 🙂

    Comment by Jon Sicotte on March 26, 2014 at 12:59 am

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